Inspired by real life

We’re on a mission to help businesses go digital. Our passion for bringing amazing brands online and our commitment to eliminating the hurdles that stand between a good idea and success, have led us to create innovative solutions for our clients.

Unleash your online potential

Today, having a beautiful, well maintained and high-ranking website is essential. Modern business journeys begin online. When was the last time you chose a restaurant or caterer based on blind faith? A yoga studio? A vacation destination or consultant? Probably not recently.

Nowadays, 97% of Internet users conduct online research on local products and services before committing to purchase. Reviews, testimonials, and the look of a business’s website play an important role not only in a customer’s decision to buy a product, but also in whether they choose to share and promote that product with their online network.

Your personal creative team

We’ve created products that allow you to have it all, for less. When you work with EJIJI, you have access to digital experts for the fraction of the cost of an in-house team. We go far beyond creating tailor-made websites for businesses. We work with you as your personal creative team, empowering your business online by managing your website’s performance and online voice.

Spreading the online revolution

We have worked tirelessly to spread the word and show businesses that playing in the digital arena doesn’t have to be a drain and be expensive but can even be fun and rewarding. Since our founding, we have worked with a huge variety of businesses in all sorts of sectors. The common thread they all share is the desire to truly reflect their real-life craft and what they do online, and we love helping them do just that.